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11 March 2006: Little Green Men play the Hokitika wild foods fest:

Saturday March 11 was Wildfoods festival in hokitika. We had a great time, and if you wern't there good news...we've put photos (mostly from Shelly our in house photo-chick, thanks Shelly) all over our site from the event. with more to come. - promise.

10 Jan 2006: Little Green Men at the wild foods for March 11 2006:

We've been contracted to play at the Wildfoods festival in hokitika in March. We'll be doing mostly our usually silly stuff, but with a few rock covers thrown in to see how it goes. We're very excited to be asked for the second time, the last time being back was it 2002 or 2003? (it was 2003, i just checked). We're playing main stage, (Mark Hadlow, Nairobi trio, Topp twins and a few others are doing a few wee opening numbers for us, thanks guys...) we're on at 4:50 - 5:25 pm, then at night again at something like 10:00- 11:15pm. James will be flying over from Sydney to do the gig, which will give him a chance to catch up with us all for a few days, and give us a chance to give him his long overdue beating. Maybe he might learn some of our new songs!

2 Oct 2005: Little Green Men Do Latin, sort of:

On Sunday October 2 Chrissie and Brad were joined by Craig and Leon at the "Skyline" Queenstown for one special night to entertain the Citibank high achievers from all around the world. The only catch was we were supposed to be a latin band! Okaaaaay.... So we learn a few Bossas, and Latineefied some good old pop tunes and oh yes there's the pink shirts with ridiculous multi coloured sleeves...We called ourselves "the Mock-a-chinos". The Next day Chrissie and Brad were on the Earnslaw Steamship (in different disguise of course) calling and playing barn dances to the same poor victims!

18 Sept 2005: We Mourn the loss of our dear friend Kane.

We are very sad to report that on the 19th of August Kane passed away in Melbourne Australia. He is missed greatly and will always be. Our thoughts are also with all who knew and loved him, especially Tony and Gayle, Rob, Amber and Michaela and Jordan. Kane's crazy sense of humour is all over this website, and our EP CD cover. His distinctive bass style is also on many of our recordings.

8-18th June 2005: Brad and Chrissie visit the whorehouse (but it's not what you think!)

Brad and Chrissie took a break from their ridiculously busy gigging schedule to get involved with the Invercargill Operatic Society's production "The Best little Whorehouse in Texas". Brad was in the band playing fiddle, (which he found a huge challenge, someone told them he was good at it, whoops!) and Chrissie who was far too nice to be a whore, got a part on stage as a televangelist style back up singer! (yee flip'n haa!).

23-24th April 2005: Brad and Chrissie play at Bluff Oyster Fest.

Over a marathon weekend, involving about 18 hours of driving to and from gigs in remote places and birthday parties and the like, Chrissie and Brad represented the bands flavour and interpretation of celtic music at the Bluff seafood and Oyster festival. The festival this year involved moving between different stages - usually with very little time to get from "A 2 B". So it was a challenge! The old favourites went down pretty well, the atmosphere seemed to suit the "rowdy stuff"! It was a noisy affair though, acts playing on all the stages at once, everyone turning up to hear themselves - and all the stages pointing at each other!! go figure!! Their evening gigs were in remote places which made it quite an effort to play in Bluff all day Saturday and Sunday. They actually didn't have enough time to sleep, and had to hire a driver (thank's to Hamish Jones) so some sleeping could done en-route!

31TH Dec 2004: Kane crosses the ditch

Yep, Kane has pulled up his tent pegs for a bit, he's now in Melbourne Australia. We haven't hired another bass player, because we don't have an official resignation from him, so why should we? There's a couple of gigs coming up, which we'll probably bring him over to do if he's not too busy.


15TH Sept 2004: New Picture gallery on LGM Website

Just in case you really want to see some pictures of us... we've set up a new gallery page. Have a look. we'll Probably add pictures from time to time. (and maybe take off some of the lame ones.


31St August 2004: LGM has AGM.

LGM had our annual practice meeting on Tuesday 31, and it went pretty well. Leon Brought along his drums, well two of them, Kane didn't have a bass, because it's still in the hands of Steve Barkman having a new fingerboard fitted. So Kane played bass on Brad's guitar, (if you want to see brad's guitar there's a picture of leon playing it on "The band" page). Kane took the minutes, most of which are reproduced below, for those of you really have nothing better to do. (We all find that hard to believe, that some of you want to read our minutes.) We say "most of which..." because alot of it is just worthless meaningless drivel... or at least objectionable.

Minutes LGM AGM:

1 Apologies. Chrissie apologizes for herself, Leon, Brad and Kane are unrepentant. 2. Chrissie brags about her new phone. 3. Brad asks if we should go back to playing "Home for a rest" (it's an old fav we used to play...we picked it up in Canada, Originally by a band called "Spirit of the west" cool song, with lots of incidental bits containing celtic session tunes woven into the interludes in the song, but we digress...). Brad looks doubtful, the band looks blank. 4.Brad mentions celtic ska, band looks blank, Leon changes the subject. 5. Brad suggests we practice starts, stops, and syncopated bits (syncopation? we did warn you about offensive content). Brad comes back to "Home for a rest", Kane likes it, Leon ponders, Chrissie noodles it on guitar, Brad snatches it and has a crack, Brad once more looks doubtful, mentions we all have to relearn it, except Leon, because of the change around of personnel and instruments. Chrissie sings, sounds very nice. Leon taps foot, ponders more. Kane writes, Leon taps bongos. Chrissie looks at chords, looks doubtful. Leon claims to remember the song. 6. Resolve to send Wild foods app. of next few days. (application to play at wildfood fest. Hokitika, March 2005). 7. resolve to nominate songs for silver scroll awards. Kane goes to stop taking notes and picks up guitar, Leon respectfully asks Kane to resume taking notes. Kane sighs, resumes notes. Chrissie leaves room to get more port, Band takes opportunity to discuss Chrissie while she's out. Chrissie attempts to throw scorched almonds into Kane's mouth from across the room. Kane leaves to attend bruises on face and cut lip. Leon farts and makes a mental note to change underwear first chance he gets. Next practice scheduled. Great fun! We all go home to watch TV.

28th July 2004: Leon Releases solo album.

Leon has finally finished his long awaited solo album entitled "Redefine" It's received great reviews including the The London times, The Sun, The Herald, New York Times, Playboy Magazine oh and Southland Times. He pretty much played all the instruments himself, wrote all the songs, produced and mixed, and mastered it himself. It's pretty awesome, well crafted well delivered songs. We can send you a copy anytime just drop us a line. We're now doing one of his songs in the band, and we're learning more.

10th June 2004: Craig takes leave of absence.

Tears shed as Craig  Leaves for fame and fortune Following the release of his recent solo album "the Traveler" and partly due to his growing involvement in international phenomenon "Pipin' hot" (a rock show with bagpipes) and many other growing commitments, Craig has decided to leave the band to pursue other goals. Of course we never give anyone permission to leave the band forever, (one day when we get a moment we'll set up a page on this site of all the honorary and dishonorary past present and future members of LGM, to show you all those we have locked up in the dungeon we call "the archive) so we weren't going to let him off that easy. Anyhow he's off for now.

11th June 2004: LGM gets a new drummer!

Craig's enormous shoes are being filled for now by Leon McElhinney. Leon Leon Chilling out in Hokitika, in our luxury accomodation.actually play drums on our CD anyway, so he kind of knows the songs. (well, six of them...) Leon is a bit of an all round genius, any instrument he touches basically turns to musical gold, so we're delighted to have him playing with us on a more regular basis. He's even teaching us a few of his songs. Leon has also just produced an album of his own, called "Redefine", on which he plays all the instruments, and it's very very good, in fact well worth the $25.00. If you're interested drop us a line we can send you a copy.

24th of March: Sales of the "Shirt Butt Swet" CD passes 5000.

The Little Green Men EP sales has now passed the 5000 mark and they're now very hard to get hold of. The band are thrilled. If you want a copy for yourself then go see Brads mother - she has 4950 in the spare room. Waxy O'Sheas and Masterpiece music still have a few as well ;)


St Paddy's day: legendary band plays waxy o'sheas!

St Patrick's Day saw alot of silly behavior at Invercargill's only Irish Bar "Waxy O'Sheas" where one of the most famous groups of individuals ever to walk the earth were playing. Manager Bryan Towley, who asked us not to print his name said "I don't know what made me do it, but I guess someone had to hire them..." but the que outside was ridiculous, at times reaching for blocks,(and at times just retching) all the way to the main music store in town "MASTERPIECE MUSIC" which itself of course is a legend. Of course the line of chicks wanting to speak to the bass player was rather outstanding. Drummer singer and general riot inducer Craig Allott (two "t"s) at times lead the packed crowd of 6000 plus into a frenzy of debauched songs, something he's bound to repeat at the launch of his new solo album "The Traveler" on Thursday the 25th of March.

11th March 2004: LGM website gets up and running!

After being inundated with underwear and love letters from men and women who had seen the old Little Green Men website and fell under the spell of Brads picture (the one where he's in his kilt), the band decides to give the postie a break and gets it's new site online. Cheers to Bindy for the great pic on our homepage, taken at the Whare Flat Folk Festival on new years day 2004.

Little Green Men are powered by Guinness, Murphy's and Kilkenny.

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