Little Green Men: Songs and tales of wild women, whiskey drinking and adventures on the high seas.
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Here are a few photos of some of our gigs, and stuff.

Some of them are pretty good quality, others are, well... you know...the ones you'd throw out and not show anyone. But we don't want you to miss out so here you are. Sadly Kane who you see in these pictures playing bass passed away on August 19 2005. We will miss him for ever.

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JamesBrad & Chrissie and a big crowdBrad pauses to notice how great things sound with a bright green capo from Lyn MacAlisterChrissie from the side Sweaty BradShucks Lonely Guitar

Please don't rush the stageChrissie & BradJames and the mysterious blue mistChrissie is a great cookLeonThe drunk ones thought we  were a good bandJames is very clever

James and Roscoe Leon plays drums quite goodland marks in the back groundlittle green men, the second best band everthe ol' fiddlestick in the air trickJamesBrad

Leon's pecsJames singsBrad ChrissieJames rips into itChrissie refines her scone recipe...Brad & Chrissie

LeonJamesLeonBrad auditions back-up singerslgm adress the small crowdChrissie felt the need to bring her whipJames had a nice hat that day

some took photos, when we paid them to, and some pretended to buy cds...when we asked them nicelyChrissie has lovely legs and hairBradChrissie has a Barkman guitarBrad discovered that bows with hair work wellJames and his Roscoe Beckwe make alot of noise but we mean wellChrissie likes horsesDreaming of apple pie


Wild food festival 2003Wild food festival 2003, veiw from leon's kit











Little Green Men are powered by Guinness, Murphys and Kilkenny.

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